look at my boyfriend…. hahah no but i posted some doodles of kid flash a few days ago on my instagram and i wanted to color them, so here we’re. I also wanted to make a background for the first one but i decided it was awful and that’s not happening.

3, by Snow's House


this is the link to my EP, give it a listen it’s short

And muulder did the art!

i did the art for one of my friend’s EPs ((-: you should check it out

also i did this one, i edited the design a little as you can see (-: 

how cool is red x tho

i’ve been doodling red x

rei hino….sailor mars… my girlfriend… in my favorite outfit of hers…. sigh

fuk-da-popo: can you draw digby? :D

Yeah sure fuk-da-popo!image

drawing pushing daisies has become my new hobby hehe


i’ve been watching pushing daisies all afternoon

You’re dangerous.

i was watching my teen titans dvds and then this happened……. im sorry